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Terra-Link carries a full line of complementary products that integrate with the technologies that we promote.  

You can be assured that all product lines carry full warranties.  The respective vendors and manufacturers will provide the best in customer service should you need assistance in the future.

We are especially proud of the relationship that we have established with JVC and Polk Audio.  Most of the engineers and technicians on staff have these systems installed in their own homes, and therefore have a very intimate first hand knowledge of the product lines.






















Toshiba Equium 5160D For Sale


Toshiba Equium 5160 D - Pentium PC with CD ROM and Windows 98.  System includes keyboard and mouse. Monitor is not included.

Price:    $35



Intel Pentium 166Mhz (3.3v) w/VRT 

MMX Technology 

Integrated Coprocessor Yes

Processor Cache 32KB: (16KB code; 16KB data)

Socketed Processor 

Memory: 16Mbit EDO DRAM

Standard 32 MB: (2 x 16 SIMMS)

Maximum 192 MB (160MB without removing memory)

Speed 60ns

Parity No parity

Hyper Page mode memory access 

Data Bus Width/Address Bus Width 64-bit/32-bit

Local Clock Bus Speed 66 MHz

Socket Type: (6) SIMM sockets: Accepts 16MB or 32MB chips

Sound System

Chipsets: Creative Vibra 16C

16 bit stereo audio full duplexed 

Sound formats supported: SoundBlaster Pro, .WAV, MIDI, CD-ROM audio

Ethernet Support -  Board Integrated: Intel Ether ExpressPRO/100B LAN Adapter

IEEE802, 3 auto-negotiation : provides hardware selection of the highest operating speed


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